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Summary of Registrations of the Leathermark

The standard leather mark or hide symbol was formally designed in the UK, under the guidance of the then ICT Secretary in the1960s. At the time, member associations of ICT were all encouraged to register the mark in their own countries, wherever possible, although in a few cases, national administrations took the view that the mark was “generic” and that registration was not appropriate. The idea behind registration was that it would assist the identification, protection and promotion of leather, according to the correct definition.

Registration systems are quite complicated, and there are possibilities to register nationally, at European level, and internationally. The following summary sets out the current situation, as reported to ICT.

UKLF (Licensed to BLC Leather Technology Centre Ltd)

Status: Registered as a National UK Certification Trade Mark

Hide Outline with Union Flag Insert
Hide Outline with other inserts: EcoSure, MetalSure, ConsumerSure, OualitySure, LeatherSure.

Additional information
First awarded 1976. Users pay to use the mark and to have products approved.
Registrations cover a range of product classes.


Status: Registered as a National Italian Collective Mark, which has been extended through the international system to other countries.

Basic Hide Outline
Hide Outline with Vero Cuoio insert
Hide Outline with Vera Pelle insert
Hide Outline with Vero Cuoio
Italiano and Vera Pelle Italiana inserts

Additional information
Originally filed in 1977.
Registration extended to Austria, Benelux, Switzerland, Germany, Algeria, Egypt, France, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Morocco, Portugal, Russian Federation, San Marino, Vietnam. (possibly since extended further — eg Sweden).
Use in Italy is controlled by UNIC.


Status: GLM Registered. Nationally in China and internationally as a certificated trademark.

Genuine Leather Mark (GLM) – unique logo design
Co-leather Mark

Additional information
Strict conditions and payments apply to the use of the mark; regulated by.
CLIA; executed by the GLM Management Office; approved by the State Administration.
Leather should be checked against quite strict standards; regulated by CLIA; executed by the GLM Management Office and the Inspection Commission.


Status: Reported to be in the process of registration.


Status: Understood to be exploring registration.


Status: Registered as a national trademark.

Basic Hide Outline

Additional information
Used by TO members and JLIA on promotional material; also used on leather and leather products to designate strictly defined products.

South Africa

Status: Registered as a national trademark.

Basic Hide Outline

Additional information
Used mainly for promotion and to encourage correct designation; SHALC is reported to be in talks with the Department of Trade and Industry to stop the abuse of the mark to mislead consumers, especially with regard to furniture.

Leather Sole Commission, Igua lad a Tanners Association

Status: Registered as two national marks.

Hide outlines with inserts “Legitima suela de cue ro” and “Suela de Cuero”.

Additional information
Registered and used only for promotion.


Status: Swedish Association report that UN IC has registered the mark in Sweden.

Also reported that there are a number of marks registered with additional inserts/logos.

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