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Valor do Couro English

Brazilian Leather
Published on 23 Aug 2018
Running time: 4.23

Why it’s ok to wear leather (English sub-titles)

Have you ever stopped to think about how long leather has been a part of our day-to-day lives? The Brazilian Leather project has produced a video showing leather’s history, evolution and importance for society – in the past, today and for future generations.

Brazilian Leather
Published on 10 Oct 2016
Running time: 3.10

Leather is my job

Proud to see Pittards Employees talking about their journey into the leather industry in this video by the University of Northampton, commissioned by UKLF.

Pittards UK
Published on 10 Aug 2017
Running time: 3.27

Leather Naturally Video (English dubbed)

An exploration of modern leather manufacturing and its position as a responsible employer and producer of a sustainable, long lasting material.

Leather Naturally
Published on 27 Feb 2018
Running time: 3.40

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