ECO-TOX Labels

In January 1996, ICT issued the following press release:

ICT launches ECO-TOX LABEL for leather

In an endeavour to bring some order into the confused situation relating to informative labelling of leather, the International Council Of Tanners, on January 1 1996, launched a pro-forma Environmental Impact & Safety Compliance Statement.

As with the leathermark itself, ICT's role has been to co-ordinate differing views and to present them in a format that can be used by its Member Associations and individual tanneries. National Associations representing 70% of global leather production have been admitted into membership of ICT since it was founded in 1926.

In formulating its Environmental Impact & Safety Compliance Statement ICT has made use of the Self-Declaration format which is being developed by the ISO technical committee on Environmental Management. However, rather than wait for completion of the ISO deliberations, or those initiated by UNIDO, ICT deems it desirable to take the initiative now.

ICT asks those using its Environmental Impact & Safety Compliance Statement to confirm

  • That the producer is complying with national legislation relating to treatment and disposal of wastes;
  • No cetacean (eg. sperm oil) or other products derived from CITES listed species (Annex I & II) have been used in processing;
  • The status of the suppliers Environmental Management Audit Scheme is defined;
  • The absence of specified process chemicals that some authorities consider to be an environmental or safety hazard.

It is believed that this statement will satisfy the requirements of those customers seeking to market leather based products bearing one of the many Eco-labels now proliferating in a number of countries. The ICT approach is one of minimum cost to all parties.

ICT does not agree with those who consider self-declaration to be the soft option as in most countries the use of the ICT Compliance Statement would be deemed to form part of the description relating to the leather.

ICT ECO-TOX labels are available from the offices of ICT, priced at Swiss Francs CHF 50.00 per 1,000 labels, plus postage.

ICT, Leather Trade House, Kings Park Road, Moulton Park, Northampton, NN3 6JD, UK

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